Kitchens and families come in various shapes and sizes, so assessing your kitchen needs depends on who will be using the space. At Denca, we've seen it all, and we are committed to providing you with the amenities you want and need. Savvy, space-saving products are available to fit any size kitchen, and it all starts with discovering what you want, what is possible and what will work best for you.

Work with certified designers

Work with a professional designer

The most important step in a successful kitchen or bath project is selecting the right people for the job. When you choose to work with an experienced certified kitchen designer (CKD) or an interior designer, the process is simplified and ensures your project will be properly executed from the start to completion. Having detailed drawings of the project ensures that the designer, the contractor and you share the same vision of the project. Every aspect of the project should be included in your drawings – from the location of outlets and windows to the size of appliances. Changes down the road can be costly and frustrating. Hiring experienced professionals for every aspect of the job will help your project run smoothly.


Design Tips


Consider corner space & access

Use a Lazy Susan to make your corner spaces fully functional and gain up to 10 cubic feet of space under the counter.


Use Drawers & Trays To Access Items

For greater convenience, use drawers and roll-out trays rather than conventional “reach in” cabinets.


Make the Best Use of Your Investment

A kitchen remodel is the interior home improvement project that increases your home's value the most.

Start With Floors & Surfaces

Choose your flooring first and build up your colour selection starting with horizontal surfaces like countertops. Then choose the colour of your cabinets because custom cabinets from Denca can be in any colour or stain. Lisa Notacker Wells

Don't be “afraid” to make your kitchen your own. If you would benefit from raising or lowering the countertops then do it. Jens Birkkjaer


Create a Work Triangle

In addition to adequate space, proper placement of appliances within the kitchen is key to making the most of the room. Good kitchen design employs an interrupted “work triangle.” Jens Birkkjaer


Space Your Kitchen Elements

The fridge, cook top and sink should be within 22 feet of each other to make the space really efficient. In larger kitchens, we typically set up a “sub-triangle” for morning prep with a small sink, side fridge or under-counter refrigerated drawers – so the triangle is smaller when you're not preparing a big meal. Prep sinks should be sufficient in size a too-small prep sink is a common mistake – 11 inches should be the smallest, enough to fit a strainer. Jens Birkkjaer


Think Custom Pantries with Custom Shelves

A custom pantry is a great way to maximize storage space. Moveable shelves in a pantry allow you to adjust the space. Pantries designed by Denca are fully customizable, with exterior finishes that match the surrounding cabinetry. Jens Birkkjaer


Consider Corian

Granite is still the most popular counter surface, but new products offer something different. Corian, once only available in white, comes in many colours and patterns and, besides being warmer than granite, is the most versatile of all the countertops. If you can't do it in Corian, you can't do it in anything. Integrated sinks, built-in drain boards and integrated cove splashes are among its many virtures. Jens Birkkjaer


Discover Engineered Stone

Engineered stone countertops combine quartz and resin to create a smooth finish that's twice as hard as granite and completely non-porous. Its one drawback is a set slab size – you need to stay within the size or end up with seams. A wide selection of colour tones makes this man-made surface one of the most popular new choices. Jens Birkkjaer


Choose the Best Faucet You Can Get

Nothing in your kitchen will get used more than a faucet, so make sure you allow enough in your budget to purchase a high quality one. Besides being long-lasting, it will add character to your kitchen. Jens Birkkjaer


Plan Ahead and Avoid Stress

A new kitchen is a significant investment and improving an existing kitchen starting from scratch can be a stressful time. That's why the Planning and Consultation Phase is so important. It is critical to the success of the venture and sets the stage for the entire project. I'd love to share my experience, perspective and knowledge to help you set your stage.


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